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About us

About us

Who we are?

Blue Point Adv is a corporation founded in 2009, having as main activity, advertising production.

Seriousness and passion we managed to increase our ability to work.

Now we are a team of 17 people and we operate in a location with a total working area of 1300mp and offices.

Our motto is "The only way to do great work is to love what YOU DO".

What are we doing?

Specializing in the production of metal stands, we provide professional welding in protected environments for a wide range of material and component types constructive.

Single weld. Single weld between various types of materials (wire-wire, tin-tin-tin, etc.). We also have the ability to produce weld heads configurable, allowing us to execute welds for parts extremely complicated.

Tranditional welding processes (SEI - coated electrode welding) or professional processes MIG / MAG welding process Submerged automatic, pressure welding processes, etc.

Dyeing services. We own capacity for electrostatic painting of large-size products) 5200x2200x1260mm maximum. Loading the kiln is done by two separate buggies which reduces waiting times. Cumptorului type of heating is hot air blower type.

What we realize?

  • Rotary and fixed stands
  • Exhibition stands
  • Multimedia stands
  • Stands suspended
  • Stands for cash
  • Stands for batteries
  • Complementary furnishings
  • Stands parasite